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Speak with the Voice of Triumph!

JESUS ~ Lord, My King and My God, Today, I set a guard over my mouth so that I will speak ONLY that which will cause Your Kingdom TO COME in every given situation. I pray that you will give me words that will edify and build up Your Kingdom Purpose in all parts of creation in these times and this season of increase. I ask that You will do this for all Kingdom Citizens wherever they are and the territories they are called to influence.

Lord Jesus, I ask that you will put the words in my mouth so that I will plant the Heavens and lay the foundations of the earth today. I ask you Lord to give me the words that will shape this day according to Your Purpose.
Lord God, I pray for the redemption of time for your people. We repent of any area where we have wasted time or misused time in the past.
Lord I pray for new beginnings for every Kingdom Citizen! Jesus, I ask that you bless every endeavor that began according to Your Purpose and Plan. I ask you to bless the beginning of the day and that the foundation of the day will reflect Your Kingdom – that there will be a display of Righteousness, Justice and Equity in the lives of Your people. You are the Shepherd and we are the sheep of Your Pasture. We shall Praise and Worship the Lord with Thanksgiving.
Lord, we pray for the humility like that of the lamb. To have a gentle spirit that will obey the Lord at every turn. Give revelation and insight as we enter the night with dreams and visions. Protect the mind and soul of all Kingdom Citizens as they rest in the night – Refresh and renew their strength like the eagles dear Lord Jesus.
Lord Jesus, by Your Holy Spirit, teach me how to gain control of each gate of the night. Lord God, place Cheribums with flaming swords to guard the gates of each watch on behalf of every faithful watchman of your Kingdom called to possess the gates.
Lord Jesus, we ask that you will give us a divine visitation so that we will walk in the Fear of the Lord at all times and with complete reverence and obedience to you above all.
Lord of All, we pray unitedly for the families, youth and leaders of the church of Christ Jesus. Preserve marriages, families and divine connections from the onslaught of evil manipulators, evil dedications and curses. Surround them with your divine shield of protection. We take the sword of the Lord and slice to pieces all weapons fashioned to bring destruction to the citizens of the Kingdom of our Living God. We pray that all men especially those of the Kingdom will find their identity in God and not in the temporary fashions of the world. Lord God, lead families to their destiny in you – teach us Your redemptive purpose and equip us with weapons of warfare to achieve victory. Lord we ask that you preserve the neighborhoods we live in for your purpose. We pray for the preservation of the nations and territories that you have given to Your people to pray and watch over. Release Your Righteous judgement on the wicked that plan any devious events or attacks during the hours of darkness.
Lord Jesus, we command the night to reveal the knowledge of the Glory of God and reject every other knowledge being exposed in our sphere of influence and territories. We speak to the earth to vomit any command from the kingdom of darkness against us, our families, our communities, our churches, and our nations!
Father God, we humbly ask that you silence the voice of witches who want to take hold of the gates of the day (Ps. 59). Lord our God, our Living Creator, we ask You Elohim to utter Your Voice and silence every other speaking from the kingdom of darkness attempting to command the day and how it shall go (Ps. 29).
Lord as a body, Your people that You have chosen for Yourself ~ we repent before the Lord for our unfaithfulness in keeping to the terms of Your COVENANT. We ask for a change of attitude towards our covenant that we entered with the Lord of Hosts. We ask for Your help and the GRACE to hold fast and to be faithful to the covenant this time around. (Is. 56:6) We pray that our lampstand will not grow dim nor be removed from its place.
Lord, we pray for the judgement of the Lord Most High upon every spirit of wickedness in the land. Let the scripture of the Lord take its place in the land by proclaiming peace & freedom of the oppressed and punishment for the wicked in high places in the land. May the idols and evil forces in the land receive their due portion. We pray that the Lord on High will cripple all the effects of the satanic prophets and priests in the land. We pray for darkness and confusion to come over them so their visions and declarations will become futile. Lord our God of War, Jehovah Gibhor ~ SPILL THE BLOOD OF JESUS in the land to release the true priests and prophets of the Lord. May their voices be heard and may their ministry impact be great with signs and wonders following.
Lord Most High, HOLY GOD of ISRAEL ~ we pray that the Lord our God will lead the true Church of Christ to subdue all spiritual and physical strongholds that have bound them (knowingly or unknowingly) to the kingdom of darkness in our nations. We pray that the foundations of HOLINESS, RIGHTEOUSNESS AND JUSTICE will replace all foundations of iniquity in every pillar of society.


We have several key gates of time and seasons. The main gate of time, where

we begin to count the times of the day is the Prime (Greenwich) Meridian which

is also referred to as longitude 0. This is the portal that determines what time the

day begins and it is at 0. The day begins at midnight and midnight is first

measured from this portal. This was determined by the scientists in the days of

the Roman Empire. From that portal, the longitudes have a 3 hour distance

between them therefore the longitude that passes thru east Africa i.e. Kenya

Uganda and Tanzania is about 3 hours from longitude 0.


The main gate of the season is the latitude 0 or the equator which also passes

through Kenya and Uganda and Congo. This is the most significant gate of the

seasons. The gates of the 4 seasons (summer, winter, spring & autumn) are

determined by the position of the sun in relation to the equator.



1)   When the sun is directly overhead the equator on 21st March that is the

beginning of spring season in the northern hemisphere and is also the vernal

equinox but beginning of winter in the southern hemisphere. It is called a gate of

the season of spring and spiritually this is a very significant time of intense 

spiritual activity.  People who are active in the kingdom of darkness know these

times and seasons and so perform their highest activities during these times and



2)   Then when the sun is overhead the tropic of cancer on 21 June it is called

the summer solstice or high summer. In the north hemisphere but it is high winter

in southern hemisphere. When it crosses again the equator and is going to the

south in 21 September that is the gate of fall/winter season or the autumnal

equinox and when it is overhead the tropic of Capricorn this is also a very

strategic time and it is the winter solstice on 21 December. These are very very

strategic times of intense spiritual warfare and intercession.


During these seasons, including occurrences like the eclipses, new moon and full

moons, and other astronomically significant times, there is need for very strong

intercession. However, many Christians are very ignorant of these facts and think

that only the Satanists and people in kingdom of darkness like witches and occult

people should tamper with issue of the sun moon and stars which is in the

satanic science of astrology. Christians should NEVER tamper with this false

science.  However, God has given the proper study of the heavenly bodies called

Astronomy which is a legal and biblically proper science of the study of the

heavenly bodies and how they function etc. As a Christian you ought to release

yourself from any theological prison and ask the Holy Spirit to give you guidance

on how to understand and deal with the heavenlies biblically.



Why is it important to pray at the gates of time and seasons?  

• It is possible for people to run away from calendars and change their

calendars. For example the Moslems have their own calendar, the Chinese

have their own, the Ethiopians have their own calendar and the Jewish

people have their own calendar, but no one can change the season and no

one can change the time. Everyone is going according to the time and season

• The times and seasons are ports of entry and exit and we need to possess

these gates which hell has a hold of, so that the church and kingdom of God

may prevail. Gates must be possessed first before the kingdom can prevail.

(Matthew 16:19).

• Those in charge of the gates are able to change environments.

• If you are able to possess gates of a place you should be able to change

environment and Spiritual equation over the place.

• If you are able to possess gates you are able to dictate what happens in the

place and monitor what goes in and comes out of that gate

• If you are able to possess gates you will be able to change the law and

rulings over the place.

• If you are able to possess gates you are able to change the environmental



Why should we observe prayer at these times and seasons?

yet the Bible so clearly says in Colossians 2:16 – let no man therefore judge you 

in meat or in drink or in respect of a holy day or the new moon or of the Sabbath 



• First we need to understand that pattern of activity in the spiritual realm does

not change, it goes on and affects the earth whether we are aware of it or not

and whether we believe in it or not. Our knowledge and dealings with the

spiritual realm is what changes the dynamics.

• Because in V17 we are told these observances are a shadow of things to 

come. In the Old Testament the people made observances of times and

seasons and gathered properly and had rituals; we know that the Old

Testament is a shadow of  what we have in the New Testament. At such

times, there is heightened activity in the dark realm and therefore it is a time

of heightened intercession and prophetic action in the kingdom of God.

Why are we so strategically placed to pray for the times and seasons with 



• God chose us to be in the very gateway of these.  Uganda and Kenya lie

along the equator which happens to be the gate of time for the seasons and

as a people who belong to these lands, we can proclaim a new season in the

heavenly realm and along all the lay lines of the earth. We are also

strategically situated in Africa which is the only continent of the earth where

all the major lay lines pass through i.e. the Prime Meridian or longitude Zero,

the Equator – latitude Zero and the tropics of cancer and Capricorn. As

Africans we have the legal right to declare the ushering in of new times and

seasons  throughout the world.

• East Africans are strategically positioned in the nation which is the cradle of

the River Nile which is a major place of spiritual activity in the dark realm

since the times of the ancient Egyptian dynasties and we can break the spirit

of Egypt from its very source, the Lake Victoria.


Is there a pattern for praying at the watches? Yes 

• In Genesis 1 we see a pattern of how the day is considered after each step of

creation …and evening and morning were first day… and evening and 

morning were second day, 14 and evening and morning were ….. etc And the

evening and the morning.


Why that order?

Whatever happens during the day is determined to a large extent to what is done

during the night. The evening is the foundation of the night and the beginning of

the watches i.e. 6 pm – 9 pm. According to the people in kingdom of darkness,

they begin their active witchcraft at midnight. If we begin to make strategic prayer

at the foundation of the day which is 6 pm, then we are six hours ahead of any

witches, enchanters, magicians and diviners and we can set the agenda of how

activities will take place.


• If you want to heal the river, according to 2 king 2:21, 22 when Elisha had to

heal the waters of the river in Jericho, he had to go to the source, to the

spring to pour in salt and healed the entire river. If we want to heal the

disease of the nations we should not be going to the middle of the stream to

fight the devil, let us go to the source, the beginning – at the first watch

according to the pattern



The following is a sample prayer direction for praying at watches. Every time you

come in prayer God will give you different direction and unction and scripture to

pray through. There is no permanent pattern. However one important thing to

note is that you should focus more on praying scripture into that gate. You do not

have to make long prayers.


General prayers to be prayed before the prayer point for the watch .  

Pray for say 20 – 30 minutes over the gate of time i.e. starting at least 10-15

minutes before the hour and then 10 -15 minutes after the hour.

Worship and praise God, read aloud and proclaim Psalm 148

commanding everything in creation to praise God in your life, work , family

and your community and nation

Bring personal repentance and on behalf of family, ministry workplace

nation etc Psalms 51 Daniel 9.3-19 1 John 1.5 -10 and such like scripture.

Declare that everything about this season e.g. of summer, the

fruitfulness, beauty and joy of life and happiness of this season the

restiveness of the season will reflect in your life, family, work, ministry and

nation. Pray prophetically that there will be a time of refreshing coming

upon you in this season in your work, family ministry and nation.

Prophetically proclaim the times of refreshing coming into  the areas of

o Government and policy making

o Media and entertainment including print, electronic,

o Drama and theatre, holiday and leisure activities.

o Family

o The priesthood of God

o Stewardship and finances

o Welfare and justice

o Education

o The belief system and mindset of the people toward God and His



Cover yourself and your family, ministry, work, property your nation with

the blood of Jesus


1. 6 – 9 pm 1st watch of the night. The foundation of the night and

BEGINNING OF THE WATCHES Pray from 5.45 pm – 6.15pm. Joel 

2:13, 17. Bring repentance on behalf of your self, family, ministry, work

and nation and all the evil that has been wrought through the dark realm.

Read  Lamentations 2:19-20, Cry out for the life of what God is birthing the

body of Christ in your life and family, ministry and nation as you seek God

and his purpose for every station of your life  Pray that those who are

planning to do evil activities at the midnight hour will fall to nothing.

Proclaim Isaiah 89-10.  Proclaim that your family, nation etc. shall be

discipled to God.


2. 9-12 midnight is the second watch of the night. Time when the kingdom of

darkness prepare for their wicked activity Pray from 8.45 p m – 9.15 p m. 

Pray aloud Psalm 59. Psalm 68:1-4. Pray that God will arise and His

enemies be scattered. All that are intimidating you, your family, ministry,

and the body of Christ in your nation through any curses their words and

darts will be returned to them.  That they will not be destroyed but God will

arise and they will know the God of glory and turn to Him in repentance

and salvation.  Have a session of praise and worship exalting God and

commanding all creation to praise Him. Read aloud Psalm 148.



3. 12 – 3 am 3rd watch of the night. Pray from 11:45-12.15a m. This is the

major time, witches do sacrifices and covenants.  Pray that the works of

their hands, the incantations, prognostications and astrological readings

will fall and come to nothing. Proclaim Isaiah 4424-28. Read Isaiah 19.1 and

ask the Lord to come on a swift cloud and pull down, uproot, destroy all

satanic altars raised in the heavenlies against your life, family ministry

nation etc. Reconcile all creation to Him by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Read Col 2.14 -15 and use it to wipe out and every ordinance of the evil

one that has been written in the heavens, in the waters, in the high places

by the blood of Jesus and every arrangement that has been made by the

astrologers and witches, in this new season will be  rendered powerless.


4. 3 – 6 am the last watch of the night or the 4th watch of the night. Pray 

from 2.45 am – 3.15 am. During this time witches are withdrawing from

evil and the glory of God is coming in. Prophetically close the time of the

past so that a new season is ushered in your life, family, nation etc. Psalm 

19:2 Day unto day uttereth forth speech…Take responsibility for what this

new day and this new season will speak into your life and into the life of

your nation. Prophecy and speak to the new day in your life; ask God to

bless you as He did Jabez, speak blessing and favour and the salvation of

God, redemption,  deliverance, and the coming of God’s Kingdom ‘let Thy

kingdom come’, over your life, family, nation etc  and program these

proclamations into the sun the moon and the stars. Proclaim psalm 121.6.

The sun and moon shall give forth their best for you.


5. 6 am – 9 am is the first  watch of the day. Pray from 5:45 am to 6:15 am.

Raise a lamentation before God and pray that God will judge the wicked

who will not turn to Him as He did the Egyptian Army who pursued the

children of Israel in Exodus 14:24.


6. 9-12 noon. 2nd watch of the day. Pray from 8:45 to 9:15 am.  Pray for the

outpouring of grace and supplication in your life, in your nation.  Repent on

behalf of the body of Christ in your nation for not rising to meet with the

spiritual need of the people so that they reached out and got a counterfeit

from the dark realm. Repent on behalf of both those practicing witchcraft

and their customers because they all reflect a deep spiritual hunger and

thirst. That they will find salvation in this new season. Pray that as the new

season of spring is ushered in, greater love of God will spring forth

through yourself and the body of Christ to the lost in your nation.


7. 12-3 pm 3rd watch of the day – another time of witchcraft activity and

sacrifice Pray from 11.45am-12.15pm. Pray for an increase in the level of

the prophetic in your life, over your nation. Where the prophetic is raised,

witchcraft and sorceries etc come down (Deuteronomy 18:9-15,18). Also

pray for a greater release and outpouring of all the inspirational gifts of the

Spirit over the your life, the body of Christ in your nation.


8. 3 – 6 pm 4th watch of the day or last watch of the day. Pray from 2.45 pm-

3.15 pm. It is the time of sacrifice according to God’s time. Nullify any

other demonic sacrifices that may be made at the 3rd watch during mid-

day. Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice and His sacrifice nullifies any other.

This is the hour Jesus said it is finished. It is time for prophetic praise and

worship. Celebrating the finished work of Christ in your life, in your nation.

Proclaim the coming of the kingdom of God and of His Christ. Read aloud

Revelations 12:10 and prophecy this over your life, your nation etc



• Speak healing and reconciliation of all things in the beginning of the new

season in your life, your nation back to God (Col. 1.15-19)

• Pray that there no backlash of the enemy will come upon your life, family

your nation and the body of Christ.

• Reconcile all things to God in this new season in your life, in your nation.

• Praise and extol the Lord God in this new season – finish by declaring ‘for 

Thine is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory, forever and ever’. Amen