7052ff53e7c3e7616dce7bf5e34ba16eINCREDIBLE Prophetic Words From Pastor John Kilpatrick – 2014 – The double doors to double blessings!

1. All of a sudden, this year, many of you are going to wake up one day and realize you have

outgrown where you are. You are going to realize you are overqualified for where you presently

are. You will feel like a bird locked up in a cage, desperate to get out and fly to your place that

God has prepared for you. The Lord will open the door for you.


2. You will suddenly realize you have been prepared for: more income, more responsibility, a

different location, a change of address. Your clothes must be changed. Your nametag and your

desk nameplate will be changed. You’re ready. You’re ready. It’s time. Now, even Satan can’t

stop it. It’s time. This is it. This is it. Some that are outside are moving inside, and some that are

inside are moving outside. You used to say, “I can’t.” Now, all of a sudden, you are saying, “I

can. I will. I am. I’m ready.”



3.  You once hoped, but now hope has changed into reality. Hope has accomplished its purpose.

Like a rocket booster, it has fallen back, and now you are where you hoped to be. Hope has let

go, and your potential has been reached. You’ve made it. Now, thank Holy Spirit.


4. Like a snake sheds its skin, you look behind you and see that you have left behind mourning,

sadness and hopelessness. Now, the sun is shining on your hair and on your shoulders. Birds

are singing. The wind is in your hair and at your back. You will hardly believe you stayed in that

place so long. You are letting go of it, and it is letting go of you.


5.  It looked as though it was over, and you were sheared almost like Samson, but something is

tickling your neck. It’s a fresh growth of hair. Your anointing has returned. You thought Holy Spirit

had bypassed you! Get ready; your most rewarding accomplishments are around the corner–

just as it was for Samson.


6.  You will forget what it feels like to cry. Your laughter will be so deep–it will bring such a release

inside of you–that you will not believe, just that morning, you were crying in loneliness and

despair. In 24 hours, He turned your mourning into dancing!



7.  The camels are coming. The camels are coming loaded down with jewels, earrings, bracelets,

gold and silver. Stop looking at the camels. Look at the saddlebags. The Lord has prepared you

to meet His messenger. His messenger will lead you. Isaac is waiting in the field.


8.  I say unto you, the jailer is about to get a rude awakening. The jail doors are going to shake, and

they will open supernaturally. You are coming out of impossible circumstances. A loved one is

literally coming out of a prison. The sentence will be suddenly reduced to time served. Angels

are on the way. Much repair must be made to the jail because the Lord is going to thoroughly

deliver, and none shall stop Him. You will not ever go back to that jail cell again.


9.  Just last night, you were filled with sadness and were wondering if life was worth living. But,

Boaz is going to ask you for your hand in marriage this year. You’re coming up on his field in just

a few months. Get yourself ready for a wedding. It will be a chance meeting. He will waste no





10.  Elijah is passing by, and he’s going to throw his mantel around you as you are plowing with

twelve yoke of oxen. You are going to burn your plows, slay the oxen, pack-up and begin the

ministry God promised you years ago.


11. Go ahead now and start rolling up your mat. An angel is not being sent to stir the pool. Jesus,

Himself, is passing by, and you will receive your healing. You’ve been in this condition a long

time, but roll that mat up, rise and walk! You’ve got better things to do than lie helplessly by the

pool. Your healing will be both in mind and body.


12.  Within 24 hours, the woman with the issue of blood received her miracle. Within 24 hours,

Joseph went from the prison house to the palace. In 24 hours, you will not believe what God will

do. It will be as though you dreamed!!!


13.  Go borrow vessels; a miracle is in the making. Your neighbors will loan you what you need

because you have been a faithful neighbor. What you have made happen for others, they will

now help you get your miracle. Your miracle will be more than enough to live on. It will fund your

retirement. Friends and neighbors are going to help you. It’s God’s plan for you.


14.  There is a mighty rumbling. It’s the hoofs of God’s angels to come and bring freedom to the

captives. Their swords are drawn. Their banners are flying. Your enemies that have tormented

you are already nervous. Your enemies even hear the sound of deliverance, too. They are losing

their influence, and confusion has already set in as I preach this! They are scattering. Already,

they are becoming like loose soil where they once held you like concrete. Your enemies will

leave bounty and spoils that you will gather from the battle… not one shot will be fired. This is a

battle the Lord Himself will fight. Your enemies will scatter at the sound of the Lord of Hosts.

This will be as a sudden thing. I say again, this will be a sudden thing.


15.  The Lord is spreading a picnic table full of delicious treats right in full view of your enemies.

Even your enemies shall have to admit the Lord is with you as a mighty warrior, and He has

highly exalted you.


16.  As the Lord told Abraham to lift up his eyes and look, the Lord will have you look upon some

acres that He is blessing you with. It isn’t the land you thought. This is much better. It’s a good

land, and the Lord truly is your reward. It will also be an inheritance to leave your family–that

you have worried you wouldn’t have.


17.  You will find money in the strangest place. The Lord will lead you to the most unlikely place, as

he did Peter, when he found a coin in the fish’s mouth. There are treasures awaiting you in the

most unlikely place. This surprise will come from where you would have never guessed or

suspected it would come from.


18.  You won’t be able to understand how, but just as the boy’s lunch was multiplied to feed

thousands, so too, the insignificant thing you have submitted to the hands of the Lord will

suddenly be multiplied. I bring to your attention again the word “suddenly.” It will be a sudden

thing. You will have excessively, abundantly more than you ever dreamed. It will be excessively

more than you could have ever hoped for in the markets, securities or investments. It will have

miracle written all over it, and everyone will know that you serve Jehovah Jireh. God is going to

do something so big, even the devil won’t be able to stop it.


19.  For someone, in particular watching on live streaming, the investment that you have made in

someone very close to you will not be in vain. Years of investment, prayers and intercession–the

Lord is already at work untangling Satan’s web that he has meticulously woven over your son.

The blindfold over his eyes will come off, and he will see clearly the trap that was laid for his

very soul. When he’s free, it will set you free. Go ahead and rejoice now in January. It’s as good

as done… and I mean RIGHT NOW!!

20.  There’s a Saint of God that has suffered in your body, and the cause of that suffering has baffled

the doctors and technicians. The Lord is addressing that and pulling the veil off it. The mystery

will be solved. The Lord shall reveal this thing. He will send a certain chosen vessel, and He will

use him (a medical professional) to expose the thorn in the flesh that has tormented you for so


21.  There is a wrongful legal action that was filed against you and has held up your future. You will

have a sudden change from seemingly out of nowhere. A new judge will be assigned and will

show great disdain for your dilemma. He will be a just judge that renders a just and righteous

judgment and overturns your heartbreak.




22.  You will sign your name this year to papers that will unlock your future. A simple signature on

these documents will be the key that will unlock many locks. It will be like a chain reaction. This

document will now lead to future contracts. It’s your childhood dream!


  1. Nanda Morris says:

    Glory hallelujah, I receive it in Jesus name!!!!

  2. Stephanie de says:

    I have been inspired to write a book. It is free online. 1-Lollapalooza Witness, No Consequence. My pen name is Zaphnath Paaneah (Joseph’s name given by Pharaoh-meaning God lives and speaks.) it is an autobiography. 2 Corinthians 5:20
    Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ’s stead, be ye reconciled to God. –God is raising up ambassadors for Christ. May The Lord bless you and keep you. May His face shine upon you and be gracious to you. May He show you His favour and give you His Peace. –on the Smashwords site, you will have to click on adult content, on the blue tab in the upper right corner to open my book. http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/1lollapaloozawitness

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