PRAYING THROUGH THE MONTH OF OCTOBER 2013  9f28724829e66fcb7e15c77a6e1d9dc5

The word October was derived from the Latin “Octo” meaning eight (8). October retained its name from the Latin origin when July and August, named after Julius and Augustus Caesar respectively, were inserted into the calendar that had originally been created by the Romans. It is now considered the tenth (10th) month in the now widely used Gregorian calendar. Consequently, it is the gateway into THE LAST QUARTER OF THE Gregorian calendar

It falls on the eighth (8th) month Cheshvan of the Biblical Sacred calendar and the second (2nd) month according to the Biblical civil calendar. (1 Kings 6:38; 1 Kings 12:32, 33).

The number 8 symbolizes a new beginning after the completeness of the number 7. The eighth month depicted “plumpness” as if a surplus above the perfect seven. Figuratively it symbolizes fatness, richness, lusty and plenteous. Thus the eighth month is meant to be a time of abundance and plenty. Most nations in the northern hemisphere experience rains during this time of the year when summer is drawing to a close while the southern hemisphere picks up warmer temperatures.

During the autumn/fall creation prepares for the coming winter season. Creatures like ants and other hibernators gather food in summer and autumn and store it up in preparation for winter rest and recuperation. It is a time of the late harvest for crops that mature during late summer. There is a drying up and dying off of leaves and plants that had blossomed and borne fruit during spring and summer months as they prepare for the starkness of winter.


 At the gates of the month, thank HaShem for bringing you through the past month. Praise Him for what He will execute in the incoming month. (Ps 35:18; Heb 13:15)

 Instruct the month to submit to HaShem, and ask Him to use every moment of the month to His own glory. Command each day of the month to heed only the instruction of HaShem and not that of any other voice (James 4:7a)

 Pray through Psalm 29 and silence every other voice that speaks any plan that is contrary to the purposes of HaShem for your life, family, the Body of Mashiah and your territory at large. Command the angels assigned for the coming month to ensure that nothing will go through the gates of this month that is contrary to His purpose and plan.

 Prophesy Isa 60:18 at the gates of this coming month and into every moment of the coming month. Close the gates of this coming month to the voice print from the kingdom of darkness and render those voices unrecognizable and blotted out by the voice of the blood of Yeshua. Prophetically post this scripture on every doorway, gateway, you will come through and every wall of every building you will enter throughout the month. (Heb 12:24)

 This is a season of surplus above the perfect seven, a season of plenteousness, abundance and plenty. Pray that the virtues of this season will be manifest in your life, your family, the body of Mashiah and your territory at large (Psa 65:9-13).

 The civil year is still new. Briefly pause and examine your life, family, marriage, business, Kingdom citizens and your territory in the light of intimacy with HaShem, obedience, word intake and prayer life: Identify areas of lapses, Repent and uncover yourself before YHVH so He will cover you with the atoning blood and His own glory and grace. Ask YHVH’s help to enable you correct the areas He reveals as this new year progresses. (Acts 3:19, 2 Cor 13:5,1 Joh 2:7-9)

 Ask the Holy Spirit to remind you of any doors that the enemy has used in the past to find entrance into your life; and close them prophetically as you make the resolution to determinedly focus on pursuing after HaShem’s purpose for your life and destiny.

 It is a season of preparation for gathering up for the winter season. Examine your spiritual life. Is there an area where you need to consider stocking up on? Do you need an increased prayer and communion with HaShem? Do you need to increase on your word intake through reading studying and memorizing scripture for the season ahead? Do you need to increase your times of fellowship with the brethren or take time to retreat and commune with HaShem? Take long periods of praying in tongues as you commune with the Holy spirit and build yourself up? During this month, be like the ant and seek for the area you need to build yourself up (Prov 6:1:6-11, Col 3:16-17, Heb 10:23-25, Jude 20)

 Is there anything that the Holy Spirit needs to change in your life so that you can be the vessel YHVH wants you to be in this coming month of surplus and plenteousness? Pray through Psalm 139 and ask that He will examine you and work on those areas that need to change in order for you to have the capacity to receive what He has in store for you in this coming season.

 Pray that you will not complain through the tough processes of His workings in your life during the coming days as you submit yourself to His divine workshop for examination and in some areas, for an overhaul. Pray that you will enjoy the process; pray this for as many kingdom citizens as are in the divine workshop for a checkup. (Isa 45:9, 64:8, Mal 3:2-3)

 This is the second month of the new civil year. The number 2 signifies 2nd chance, division; Ask HaShem to release a second chance to you in any area where you had failed Him. Also pray this for as many prodigals who do not have the courage to return because of one area of failure or other before a loving YHVH.

 There are forces that hinder you from entering into this season of HaShem’s goodness and favor. Activate the divisive nature of the number 2 in this second month to divide the tongues of those fomenting trouble in every anti-YHVH gathering against your life, family, the Body of Mashiah and your territory. (Jer 49:36)

The number 8 signifies new beginnings. Where do you need a new beginning? Is there a season of endings that has come upon you? Bring the situation before HaShem and ask Him Who creates the times and seasons, Who gives resurrection life, to bring renewal at the point of need. Pray this for your family situation, your occupation, for kingdom citizens and your territory (Psa 104:27-31)

The number 10 signifies the perfection of divine order. Is there any sense of disorder in your life, family or in your territory? Pray that during the coming month, the Holy Spirit Who brings order into any chaotic, formless or void situation will brood over your life, over as many kingdom citizens as are seeking His stability and in your territory (Gen 1:2, Psa 104:30)

 Read Rev 22:2, and pray that the virtues of the fruit for the 2nd, 8th and 10th month will be released in your life during this over you, the Body of Mashiah, nation and continent.

 Pray concerning any areas of healing that you require in your own life, in your family, among kingdom citizens and in your territory. Ask that HaShem will release this coming month’s portion of the leaves from the tree of life which are for the healing of the nations.


Is this the month of your birth?

 Bless that day of your birth and declare that HaShem’s purposes for which He allowed you to manifest on that particular day will be fulfilled.

 Nullify and command the destruction of anything that has been released into creation to withhold you from fulfilling your redemptive purpose and destiny.

 Declare that you are entering into your lifestyle of ever-increasing glory and awe (2 Cor 3:18)

 Pray that your star will rise and shine ever brighter. Anything that has hitherto tried to cover your star will be swept away by HaShem’s broom of destruction.

 Pray that on the day of your birth, HaShem will re-enact the covenant with creation on your behalf. He will speak to the heavens and the heavens will speak to the earth and the earth will bring forth its best for you – with bread wine and oil. (Hos 2:21-22).




 The Israeli Shemen Oil and Gas Company reported last month indications of “high quality of oil” following offshore drilling at its Yam-3 well, 10 miles from the southern port city of Ashdod, located only a few miles north of Gaza. They have not confirmed the quantities of oil available. Praise HaShem for this useful discovery. (Psalm 103:5)

 This find might turn out to be the catalyst for an internal and self-destructive war in the Palestinian Authority, with Hamas in Gaza and chairman Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah likely to claim ownership of the new Israeli offshore oil discovery near Ashdod: Pray that Hashem will overshadow the entire process of this oil find, so that it shall not enter into what are considered “Palestinian waters” (Psa 120)

 Pray for wisdom for the Israeli government to shepherd the process in its entirety for the benefit of all the people of Israel.

 The supply of gas and its attendant products has been an area which some of the OPEC nations use to put Israel on a “leash”. Pray that this find will be commercial in quantity and will bring the nation of Israel into a place of self-sustenance with regard to gas and its attendant products.

 Pray for peace along every border of Israel. (Psalm 147:14, Isa 60:18).



Zambia Blows her Jubilee Shofar on 24th October 2013 on her 49th year of independence. Read Isaiah 60-61 and Lev 25 and pray for this nation. As their jubilee season is ushered in,

 The jubilee season is a season of new beginnings. Blow the shofar and prophetically proclaim that Zambia is going to experience a new beginning and a calling to order. Divine order, sanity, clear direction and vision for the nation will be released upon their leadership at all levels

 Prophetically call to divine order the Body of Yeshua in Zambia and declare that they will spearhead the journey through the Sabbatical year. Pray that they will be a clear voice to the nation and a guide in matters of rededicating their nation to YHVH when they celebrate 50 years of independence in 2014.

 Utter the voice of YHVH over Zambia through Psalm 29 and declare that His voice shall silence and turn to confusion and foolishness, the voice of ancestral worshippers, occultists, and prognosticators who try to manipulate the nation through the heavens in this crucial season. Declare every contrary voice blotted out by the voice of the blood of Yeshua in the coming year (Isa 44:24-25, Heb 12:24)

 As the shofar is blown over Zambia, it is a call to war. Pray that HaShem will release His hosts to wage war on every power that has brought any level of poverty, bondage, confusion and corruption at every level.

 In that same vein, pray that the slumbering kingdom citizens in the nation will be stirred up and provoked to good works by the blowing of the ram’s horn of jubilee.

 Pray that the people who were covered in the darkness of ignorance, spiritual idolatry and ancestral worship in the nation will experience a great light of the gospel truth leading to unprecedented levels of soul winning

 Pray that the spirit of joy that follows the blowing of the ram’s horn over the nation will be released. Experiences of weeping, sorrow, famine, especially among kingdom citizens, will cease as they find their strength in rejoicing in HaShem.

 This is the season of “the acceptable year” of HaShem’s favor over Zambia. Pray that favor will come to those to whom favor is due.

 Zambia has been a refuge city. Many political asylum seekers, refugees from all the seven neighboring nations around found refuge in Zambia during the apartheid years and the seasons of civil wars and unrest in those other nations. Ask that HaShem will release blessings of the Levites to Zambia for the role they played as a refuge city.

 The year of jubilee is a season when people return to their inheritance. In 2010 the UN announced all the refugee camps in Zambia to be vacated and refugees to return to their inheritance. Pray that this will become a greater reality in this season. Pray that the blessing of release of captives and refugees back into their inheritance will be part of the blessing Zambia will experience.

 Pray that Zambians who are meant to be back in their own nation to rebuild and restore it’s waste places shall be moved by the Holy Spirit from the various nations they are scattered for a Zambian Aliyah. (Psa 60:4-5)

 One characteristic of Zambia is that it is resource rich; yet they suffer abject poverty at many levels. Pray that YHVH will release the sons whom He has been raising in other nations to specially do a work that will fulfill His purposes in Zambia. Among these sons are political strategists and leaders, medical professionals, Christians in the five fold ministry, Engineers, teachers, security personnel, merchants and traders, educationists and economic experts, media arts and cultural experts etc. Prophetically call them forth to be manifested in their nation for such a time as this.

 Pray also for foreigners who will relocate from other nations to come and rebuild the broken foundations and waste places of the nation. (Isa 60:4,9-10)

 When Jews returned to Israel in 1948, they left comfortable lives in other parts of the world to come to a strip of desert. However they had faith to turn the desert into a fruitful field. Today we see the results thereof. Pray that as these sons return and also relocate, they will not be discouraged when they see the barrenness of the nation. HaShem will give them a strong gift of faith to turn the nation around in whatever sphere of service they will be involved in. (Isa 54:3, 61:4-5)

 Pray that as HaShem brings back responsible sons into Zambia, He will begin to release the wealth of the nation at unprecedented levels so that they can use it to rebuild the desolations of many generations and turn the face of their nation around to a shine (Isa 60:5,13-16)

 The year of Jubilee is a season of restitution. Pray that Land and resources including copper mines etc, that have been hived away from Zambians will be restored for use to establish the Kingdom of YHVH

 When the season of jubilee came upon Israel in Egypt, the once timid, poor slaves were translated into a fearless, wealthy, free people. They plundered Egypt and went out full. That is one purpose of the jubilee. Pray that the jubilee season attending Zambia will bring with it a translation of the people to levels of wisdom, discernment, strength, purpose, fearlessness, and wealth they have never experienced before.

 Pray that as the jubilee blessings begin to be released in the nation, it shall be a day of vengeance for YHVH for those who have stubbornly refused to repent and continue to cause untold destruction of the nation. Whether it be the leaders or people with vested interests from other nations, HaShem will release the evil doers into their season of judgment (Isa 61:1-3)



A massive aquifer that holds enough water to meet all of Kenya’s needs for 70 years has been discovered in the northern part of the nation. The pool, which was found more than 300 meters underground, is so large you could pour Loch Ness into it approximately 25 times. But just as importantly the aquifer is replenished from distant mountains. So it should never run dry. The aquifer is approximately 100 km (62 miles) by 66 km (41 miles). It has a surface area of 4,164 km2. It contains an estimated 200 billion cubic metres of fresh water. Lotikipi alone holds 900% more than Kenya’s current water reserves.

 Rejoice in HaShem’s jubilee release of this valuable resource which will become a tool that could not only help Kenya, but it could help other countries facing the issues of water scarcity.

 Pray that the water resource will be harnessed for the good of the nation and the neighboring countries too.

 Pray that apostolic and prophetic planners and strategists will be raised to help in charting a proper vision for this resource and its usage with positive far-reaching consequences.


Terrorist Attacks 

On 21st September there was an al-Shabab terrorist attack on a mall in Nairobi. There were dozens who died and even more who were injured. The hold-up lasted four days and Westgate mall where the attacks took place was also partly destroyed by a fire and consequent collapse of the parking lot. Al-Shabab, which is linked to al-Qaeda, has repeatedly threatened attacks on Kenyan soil if Nairobi did not pull its troops out of Somalia.

On 29th September in Nigeria Suspected Islamist gunmen attacked a college in north-eastern Nigeria, killing up to 50 students. The students were shot dead as they slept in their dormitory at the College of Agriculture in Yobe state. North-eastern Nigeria is under a state of emergency amid an Islamist insurgency by the Boko Haram group. Boko Haram is fighting to overthrow Nigeria’s government to create an Islamic state, and has launched a number of attacks on schools.

As these nations grapple with the aftermath of the terrible event:

 Pray for the healing of individuals, families that suffered losses, businesses that were affected, employers and employees that have lost their livelihood because of that event. Pray that HaShem who comforts, will raise people and situations that will hasten the healing process.

 Proclaim 2 Tim 1:7 – Pray against fear that comes upon a territory when such an event takes place. Pray against the spirit of fear among the people for that is bondage to terrorists. Pray that the Holy Spirit will brood over the nation and release a spirit of power love and a sound mind shielded from deep traumatic effects of the events.

 Present Kenya before YHVH. The nation is walking her sabbatical year and the enemy is out to derail the entrance into a true spiritual jubilee. Pray that this and other numerous events that have brought bloodshed in the nation will cause kingdom citizens to return to HaShem and enquire of Him as to the reason for these catastrophes and repent and seek restoration accordingly.

 Present Nigeria before YHVH. The terrorist group Boko Haram has managed to cause untold damage to so many areas and brought about insecurity in the northern parts of the nation. The Body of Mashiah which is very vast has not really carried this burden corporately. Bring repentance for the state of affairs that has brought about such a situation.

 Bring repentance on behalf of the Body of Mashiah where there has been a lack of discernment or ignoring of the signals that were given about the various dangers facing these nations in this season. Ezek 33:1-7

 Pray that the above events in Kenya will become a wake up call for the Body of Mashiah to be vigilant as intercessors and in shepherding the jubilee season in Kenya and ensuring that the enemy will not defile it with the continued bloodshed through terrorism, accidents, violence, increased sexual immorality etc. Isa 59, Amos 3:7

 Pray the above for Nigeria that HaShem will raise people across the denominational divide who will seek for His strategy to bring to an end this levels of bloodshed to the nation which has already entered its jubilee 3 years ago.

 Present every person and organization that helped in so many ways including fund raising, blood donation, provision of food and water, prayer, during the four day Nairobi ordeal and beyond.

 There are people who aided and abetted these terrible events by direct involvement, sympathizing, providing resources for the terrorists, simply ignoring information about the impending disaster for some sort of gain. Declare the blood of the victims is on their heads and Psalm 109:6-20 is their lot.

 Pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal to each individual their own part in these fiascos so they may repent and return to the right way.

 Pray that HaShem will demote those to be demoted, remove those to be removed, kill those who are appointed for death and waste those who are appointed for wastage if they refuse to truly repent for their own part as they come to a place of revelation..

 The demonic power of terrorism is at work in all manner of places. Pray for your own territory; there are soft spots where the enemy can wrought this type of havoc. Violence and disaster will not be found within your borders. Proclaim the shalom of YHVH wherever you set your feet upon throughout the coming season. (Psa 91)

 Judge 5:20 – command the stars in their courses to fight against every wicked gathering that is out to foment trouble and destruction over your territory as they did scatter Sisera in the day of battle. (Isa 8:10, 54:14-17)

 John 3:8 Activate the nature of the wind and prophesy that no wasting power shall see you come or go. Pray for the nature of the wind in every territory where Kingdom citizens are; that those who seek to destroy shall not find it and their plans shall fail and scatter to destruction.

 It was recorded that there are increased terrorist recruits in Europe and the USA apart from other parts of Africa Arab world and Asia. This is a spirit of death and destruction that seeks to destroy young lives. Pray against the bondage that Ignorant sympathizers get into when they are lured into these terrorist cells across the world. Pray that many who are being lured will encounter with Yeshua in a way that will give them clarity on salvation and their deliverance from bondage. (JOh 3:16-17)

 Call back the youth who are being lured into these terrorist cells with grandiose ideas of going to heaven and being rewarded by the demon-power allah for their participation in destroying lives and property. Call them back, command their brains to be enlightened, and for HaShem to bring them in contact with information that will break the demonic spell that lures them into death through terrorism.

 During the coming month, from time to time pray the mysteries of YHVH for yourself, family, and territory at large through having periods of praying in tongues. Not only will you build yourself up but you will pray for what the Holy Spirit is praying. So seek for Holy Spirit infilling until you receive it. It is a sign that follows them that believe. Ask the Holy Spirit to prompt you to pray His Mind (Rom 8:26-27, 1 Cor 14;2)

 As you speak you communicate mysteries. The Holy Spirit can pray thru you the will of HaShem for you, family, and saturate and sanitize your environment and counteract with mysterious things happening around you. You do not need to understand what you are saying. It is not a cerebral activity and your mind is completely bypassed when your spirit connects with the Holy Spirit. From time to time He may reveal what He is praying through you. Do not be discouraged or tired, but keep building yourself up and praying the mysteries of YHVH to counter the mysterious unconventional wars that the enemy through the sons of the bondwoman has launched on kingdom citizens, nations that support Israel, Israel itself and Israelites wherever they are.

 Utter the voice of HaShem over your territory to silence and confuse the voices that give wicked instructions of terrorism. Silence them by the voice of HaShem and send those instruction back to senders to destroy themselves.



 On September 25th A powerful earthquake of 7.7 magnitude killed hundreds of people in a remote area of south-west Pakistan Balochistan. Pray for the families of the hundreds who were killed in the earthquake and the thousands who have been affected in every way by destruction of their properties.

 Pray that in the aftermath of these events, HaShem will open up the gates of the nation to receive kingdom citizens with help and provisions and Kingdom resources. Pray that the otherwise closed doors to the gospel in Pakistan will be lifted up for the King of Glory, Who alone can bring healing and restoration will come in. (Psa 24:7-10)

 Pray that kingdom citizens who were tired and discouraged will receive a Holy Spirit energizing to reach out to the suffering and become a genuine face of Yeshua to those who have not had Him fully exposed to them in His love acceptance and compassion toward them.


National Days 

1. People’s Republic of China 1 October (Proclamation of People’s Republic of China in 1949)

2. Cyprus 1 October (Independence from United Kingdom in 1960)

3. Czech Republic 28 October (Independence from Austria Hungary in 1918)

4. Egypt 6 October (Arab-Israeli War 1973)

5. Equitorial Guinea, 12 October (Independence from Spain in 1968)

6. Fiji 10 October (Fiji Independence day from United Kingdom in 1970)

7. Germany 3 October (German Unity Day, unification o west Germany and East Germany in 1990)

8. Greece 28 October (Ohi Day rejection of Italian ultimatum in 1941)

9. Hungary, 23 October (The day of the Republic, 1956 Revolution memorial day)

10. India, 2 October (Birthday of Mahatma Ghandhi, Founder of the Nation)

11. Iraq 3 (Independence from United Kingdom in 1932)

12. Kazakhstan Independence from the USSR in 1991)

13. Lesotho 4 October (Independence from the United Kingdom in 1966)

14. Nigeria 1 October (Independence from United Kingdom in 1960 (and republic 1963)

15. St Vincent and the Grenadines 27 October (independence day from united kingdom in 1979

16. Spain 12 October (Hispanic day Columbus discovery of America 1492)

17. Republic of China (commonly known as “Taiwan”) double ten day (10 October (establishment of the republic (in China in 1911)

18. Turkey 29 October (Republic Day (Cumhuriyet Bayramı), republican constitution in 1923)

19. Turkmenistan 27 October (Declaration of independence from the Soviet Union in 1991)

20. Tuvalu 1 October (Independence from the United Kingdom in 1978)

21. Uganda 9 October (Independence from the United Kingdom in 1962, also republic)

22. Zambia 24 October (Declaration of independence from United kingdom In 1964)


 Thank YHVH for each of the above territories as they celebrate different national milestones during the coming month.

 A number of these nations are closed to the Gospel of Yeshua. Pray that these nations will experience a new level of being discipled by kingdom citizens.

 Pray that Kingdom citizens working in these nations will have opportunity to share the gospel with as many as they encounter in work places, mission fields, social settings etc.

 Pray for peace in each of the nations during the various gatherings they have to celebrate their national days.


National Elections 

October 2013

 6 October: Belize and Guatemala, International Court of Justice referral referendum

 16 October: Azerbaijan, President

 27 October: Argentina, Legislative

 Ethiopia, President

 Georgia, President

 Pray for the above nations as they prepare for various elections. Pray for the shalom of YHVH will rest upon them during this seasons when levels of tension may escalate.

 Pray that YHVH-fearing leaders will emerge in these nations at various levels of leadership to steer them toward the purposes of YHVH in preparation for the end-time revival to come.

 Pray that there shall be fairness and freedom in the election process in each territory


Lunar Events 

For further information concerning the importance of understanding the heavens and praying through the events in the heavens, download “Understanding the Heavens” from our website or make an email request. It is important to read and understand the purpose and power of this section of the guide so that you do not confuse this with demonic practices of astrology and its attendant negative sciences of the heavens.

Quarter & Crescent moons 

This month the New Moon will occur on October 5th 2013 @ 00:35:44. When the shape of the moon is like a C or its mirror image it is a crescent; The occult use the crescent moon as sickles (e.g. Hecate’s sickle), for harvesting the gains of the ignorant and for demonic strength and fortification through intense enchantments. Some of the religious leaders will chant one word or a phrase more than 1000 times and use enchantments to manipulate the heavens for their own unfair advantage.

 At the new moon praise HaShem for creating the moon for times and seasons. Every other manipulation be rendered powerless.

 Praise HaShem during this season of heightened intercession as you usher in the new month. Take time to gather as an individual or in your family and worship HaShem for the new month. Proclaim Psalm 24:7-10 over the gates of the new month as its marked by the new moon. Plant prophetic seeds of prayer by prophesying good things you want to see within the month concerning your life, family, the Body of Mashiah and your territory. These should be very specific and short term results.

 Hecate is a demon goddess of dark places often associated with familiar spirits, ghosts (djinns) and sorcery. Proclaim Isaiah 60:18-20 over every gate of your life, the body of Mashiah and society at large. Whatever does not praise HaShem and bring redemption cannot be allowed in your life and territory during the new moon.

 Proclaim Rev 14:14-20 and ask HaShem to send His own harvester angels who are the true harvesters, to stop every counterfeit spirit that comes to reap the gains of the righteous and bring untimely death and destruction

 Pray that YHVH Nissi our Banner shall be a covering over the territory with His love.


First Quarter moon will occur on 11th October 2013 @ 23:03:29 and last quarter moon will occur on 26th October 2013 @23:41:44. When the shape of the moon looks like a D or its mirror image (quarter moons), 8

it is a bow. Marabous and those who prognosticate using the quarter moon’s influences, to shoot arrows of destruction at the righteous.

o Command the quarter moons to praise HaShem. Command the heavens to only respond to the bidding of their Maker, and to do what He created them to do – give Him pleasure and display His glory. To be great lights providing light. To be signs and to mark the times and seasons. They should not be engaged in any other activity, which is not permitted by YHVH. (Gen 1:14-17, Psa 104:19)

o Proclaim Psalm 91 over your life and the Body of Mashiah. Prophesy that because of your presence in the territory, no arrow that flies nor pestilence that stalks nor destruction and sudden death that lay waste shall befall you or anything or person linked to you in any way.

o Pray that as the moon waxes the things you have prophesied into the month will also grow toward their maturity and as the moon begins to wane the prophetic seed you planted in the new moon will begin to bear fruit during the final quarter of the month.


Full moon will occur on 18th October 2013 @23:38:46. During the full moon the gravitational pull of the moon causes a destabilization of waters of the earth. There is ebbing and flowing of the tides at its maximum. The human body is more than 70% water and therefore it gets affected by the moon’s gravitational pull. That is why many dogs will howl during the full moon, there is heightened sexual immorality, mental illness and other adverse effects.

 As the moon is fully manifest, command it to praise YHVH. (Psa 148:3)

 During the full moon season, increase your times of prayer and seeking YHVH. Ask for discernment to know how to pray and also do battle where it is required as the enemy also uses this season to carry out a lot of occult practices. (Psa 18:29-45, 144:1-2)

 Declare the shalom of HaShem over all the waters of your body, and that of Kingdom citizens everywhere.

 Declare that the full moon will not smite you by night nor shall its gravitational pull affect you and kingdom citizens adversely. (Psa 121:5-6)

 At the full moon the prophetic seeds of prayer for the month reach their maturity. Command the full moon to begin to release its best for you and for kingdom citizens in your territory (Deut 33:13-14)


Solar Events 

The Sun has its longest sojourn within a constellation when it enters Virgo. From 16th September, the sun will remain Virgo until 30th October 2013 before it moves into the constellation Libra. As the entire month the sun will remain in Virgo, kindly use the prayer guide from September to continue praying through the heavens. If you had not received this guide, refer to our website or request for it by email.

 The November prayer guide will carry the guides for praying concerning the solar events as the sun sojourns in Libra. Meanwhile, pray that the gates of Libra shall be lifted up for the King of Glory to be praise and manifested through the events in the heavens (Psa 19:1-2).


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  1. Anne says:

    This is an eye opener.This is my month of birth.This new to me.Pray for me.Anne

  2. anne kirundi says:

    Dear Sister Vanessa, Thank you so much for this is an eye opener.I was born this month of Oct.I have gone through so much,I love God and everything i commit to His service.Pray with me that He will change my life and of my children drastically,spiritually,physically,financially and emotionally.I have not received the previous prayer guidlines.I will be grateful.

    • I am praying for you sis Anne! I want to say to you that GOD IS IN THE SHAKING! When the Lord is taking you higher it seems all hell breaks loose! But this is exactly what is happening – you are going through a season of cleansing, re-direction, shifting, people who have done their purpose are leaving and those ordained for your new place of ascension will replace them! Yes, it is a great challenge for you to learn complete dependence on the Lord, but you must make this a priority. Let God’s Peace carry you through the rough and dark moments….before long, you will see the light of a brand new day! Have comfort and know that God is concerned about all things concerning you and your precious family, He is guiding you to your expected end…be careful to keep your thoughts in ALIGNMENT with His promises for your life’s mission and divine purpose. Love and blessings, VanessaAnn

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