You have been in training for reigning in the coming days.  I know that for many this has been a war on the mind as well as the areas of your body and relationships.  You will arise from this time as one that is fully persuaded.  You will not be easily moved or shaken.  For the personal shaking that you have endured has made you stronger and you have learned how to depend and trust Me.  You have leaned your entire personality upon Me.
Small foxes have creeped into My House sent to try and cripple My children.  The attempt has been to hinder you with many obscure and unclear thoughts that he tried to embed in your mind and heart.  His purpose is to hinder and rob you of your purpose and destiny; with confusion, discouragement, and distractions.  I have given to you ministering angels to help you along the journey, to aid you in staying the course.  Holy Spirit gently speaks to you My Word, this is why you must lean entirely on My Word.  He will speak to you what you have allowed from My Word to be placed within your heart.  That’s why I have told you, to keep your heart pure.  With the pure, I will come to purely.  Keep your eyes on Me, I Am well aware of the hanging and looming oppressive spirit that is trying to move you off course.  I know that the enemy waits for the wounded, the weary, the discouraged, the ones whose vision has become blurred and he uses them to assault the stronger ones as well.  That is why I Am always sending you help from the Kingdom, I Am the Lord Warrior.  I Am mighty in battle!  My help is My mighty messengers, war-faring angels, that war on your behalf, so that you are not alone.  Do not turn on one another by division and strife, do not be self-slaughtered, but draw strength from the stronger ones in My Kingdom that I send out ahead of you to march in the paths that I Am making clear to My leaders.
     Hear Me and understand that I Am sending a great shift in what you perceive and know as My church.  I Am shaking every House that bears My name and yet does not know My ways.  I Am deep-cleaning those who are Mine to further bring out all that I have placed inside, in order to affect the land that I have given to them.  Many have been under pressure and they have been pressed for this time, now they will arise with the fresh anointing on behalf of all that have allowed their light to grow dim.  You are to stand and do not lay down the Sword that I have placed in your mouth.  Speak the Word that I give to you and every evil spirit will begin to flee.  I will be allowing you a time to be strengthened for what must come on the earth.  It must come, in order to separate the wheat from the tare.  It must come so that you may see what is in you, and oh, you will be astounded of the faith that is in you.  Up until now not many have seen Me as their God that supplies all their needs.  Many have never had to depend upon Me, for their ways were always sufficient for them.  Now in families there will come forth My ordained Joshua’s, Joseph’s, and Moses’.  Those who have My heart, My message, My plan, and will not deviate in order to build their own Kingdom.  Those whose heart is after My own, those who have gone through the test in order to walk the path that I chose for them, a set apart path.
Know this, that I Am faithful to watch over and provide for My own.  I Am the Lord and I change not.  I will provide for you beyond your ability.  I will carry you, beyond your comprehension.  I will be to you, your God, the One Who is more than enough.  I will bring your children from afar and those who have turned away I will turn their hearts back to you.  I only need your full attention.  I will be able to do much more if you agree with me.  Do not fight against Me, do not waste any more time doubting or playing in the fields of flesh, for I Am bringing even this to work for your good.  In learning more of Me, you will truly learn to trust Me with your life.  Let go and let Me be your God.  The God you have only heard about and have known very little of Who I really Am.  But this is the day that many of My own will finally know Me.  I will be Light to you in a time of darkness, Bread to you in place of hunger, water in a dry and weary land.  I will be your All, and you will love Me more than you have ever loved before.  It will look like the hardest time, but with Our eyes, We will see that it is like an oasis in a desert land, a warm light in a cold dark place.  It is the prelude to Our great date of celebration.  You will be carried in My arms and fully protected.  I Am sending a fresh wind to revive all that I have given and I Am placing new revelation alongside the refreshed.  I Am the Lord and I cannot lie.       2 Billion Christians have confessed Jesus as Lord!                                                                                                                  
     I had heard of You [only] by the hearing of the ear, but now my [spiritual] eye sees You. (Job 42:5);  With the kind and merciful You will show Yourself kindand merciful, with an upright man You will show Yourself upright, with the pure you will show Yourself pure,and with the perverse you will show Yourself contrary.  For You deliver an afflicted and humble people but will bring down those with haughty looks.  For You cause my lamp to be lighted and to shine; the Lord my God illumines my darkness. (Ps. 18:25-28)
Source:  DAUGHTERS OF Z – Pastor Debra Lowe
  1. Paul says:

    The Lord bless you my sister, Quote:- “u are to stand and do not lay down the Sword that I have placed in your mouth. ” powerfull!”
    The Lord bless you always.
    Brother Paul

  2. shelbie says:

    The 2nd Picture made me tear up. He truly loves us. Justice + Mercy = Love

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