2012 – Year of Covenant, Divine Authority, & Divine Mandate

Posted: December 31, 2011 in PROPHECY
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Year of Divine Governance

We are coming to the end of the year 2011 and opening up the gates of 2012. It is an occasion
for possessing gates, and a period for defining the end of the year for individuals, families,
organizations, etc and also defining expectations, resolutions, vows, etc for the incoming year
 Do not leave the gates of time unmanned. If you do then the enemy will possess them and take
you unawares. Command those gates to be lifted up unto the Lord and ask Him to possess
them for His own glory. (Is 62:10; Ps 24:7-10)
 Your expectations, resolutions, vows, etc for the coming year must be founded on what God
has said from the beginning of the year. When His word is your delight and goal, then God
will surely give you the desires of your heart. Pray Ps 37:3-4 for yourself and for God’s people
round the earth.
 The occult appease their ‚gods‛ with demonic offerings and sacrifices so they can attain favor,
promotion and preservation from their ‚god‛ in the incoming year. God’s judgment for them
is already written; lift that prayer up to the Lord. (Ps 149:5-9)
Apostle Emmanuel Kure, during the 2011 Prophetic Prayer Boot Camp that was held in Florida
from November 17th to 19th, 2011, stated that 2012 is:
1. The year of covenant – the time of stamping God’s authority on earth. The King is about to
write Himself into the earth.
2. The 12th year of the century – the number of divine imposition, divine authority and divine
3. The year when God will dismantle those things that should not be. The things that are fake
are going to have trouble in 2012. The Lord will replace them with the originals. The
shaking we are going through is to make sure the authentic, the original begins to find
4. The year when the prayer of John 17 will be fulfilled.
5. These are the days of vengeance (Luke 21:22-26). The powers of heaven shall be shaken.
There is no government on earth that can stabilize what we see happening in the nations
now. The spiritual is taking over – whether they be Christian, Hindu, Muslim etc. They will
decide the direction of nations.
6. The year of receiving mantles.
7. The ekklesia began with 12 disciples. Israel was founded by 12 tribes. The Arab world was
founded by 12 princes. This will be the year of birthing of nations.
8. The year when God will take little things and turn them into big things.
9. The year of divine governance.
10. It will be a year of strange signs and creative miracles in the Body of Christ. Be careful how
you speak – it will come to pass.
11. The destinies of men will be written in the 12th year. It will be a year of transition – a year of
change. The changes have started. They started when the Hebrew calendar began the Year
5772. This is the year of the House or Tabernacle.
12. This is the year of the House of God – the year of the ekklesia – the year of the Body of
Pastor Abu Bako – Gapnetwork.org

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