Heavenly Father says, “GRANTED!” to every unselfish petition!

Posted: November 7, 2011 in DREAMS
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I was in the court room of Heaven. I started confidently pleading my case before the Lord. I showed Him evidence of belief (my checkbook filled with receipts of offerings unto the Lord attached with pronounced blessings that I expected as a harvest). I told my Father that His Word & Spirit was my guide and TRUTH as I walked along life’s road.  I based my case on the BLOOD of Jesus which was my consummated proof ~ my only Defense and Witness that was I able to stand in this High Supreme Court of the Universe with my petition. I knew that without a doubt I was going to win my case because the Word clearly stated that I could ask for DOUBLE with the trouble that was targeted at me. I presented before Heaven’s Court that The Word also declared that I would be awarded 7 times the penalty judgement against the thief that was caught to pay me retribution for stolen goods and hidden resources that belonged to me! My case was an open and shut one! The evidence was in my FAVOR as the Son of God was my Advocate and Attorney to declare the TRUTH that He was! I could not be denied ~ I was bold and to the point ~ knowing that My Father was a Just and Righteous Judge! The enemy and his cohorts were standing next to me. Their faces looked ashamed and defeated before the Lord of Glory. The evidence was stacked against them. There was no retreat. This was no place for lies! The court heard my FAITH speaking with conviction ~ No doubt was able to enter in this place. I was in my comfort zone. This is where I had my chance to speak without the evil manipulating drama of the dark lords. They were discomfited and challenged me to a duel. I looked at the Father, and proceeded to grab the Sword of the Lord! I met the challenge with a flaming Sword that came out of my arm into my hands ~ just by the thoughts that I created! I asked that the BLOOD be applied to the Sword of the Lord that I was carrying. I wanted these enemies of God to never forget their encounter with me ~ The Lord’s servant. I charged at them and said, “I will slice you to pieces and you will know that I belong to the Lord and there is no other God except Him! I will crucify you to eternal death!” I took aim and found the creatures helpless and weak against the Sword of the Lord. I needed no special skills or extra training ~ I was well within my rights to execute forever their evil cause against me! The Father watched with approval and a smile. When I finished annihilating them, I asked the Father,  do I have to battle with them each time I come to visit with you? The Father said, no my child. They know the battle will be lost with you ~ you will have very little encounters with them from this day forward. I began to ask the Father for my desires, He quickly placed His gravel down and decreed before all that were in attendance ~ “GRANTED!” I asked for mother’s healing, before I could finish the sentence the Father, said “GRANTED!” Every request that was unselfish ~ before I could finish the sentence the Father’s approving smile and command was “her request is GRANTED!” When I returned home in the earthly realm things in my life began a whole new season of fruitful beginnings! People began to search me out to bless me ~ to follow the Father’s will to help me to complete the task given to me with great anticipation and an eternal bond of love.
What a blissful dream!
Praise God for His LovingKindness
Vanessa Ann ~
  1. Valerie says:

    Just what I have been searching for since Monday…glad I found this site…scriptures for cause of action already in place…will implement immediately! Thank you!!!

    • Amen Lydia!! Waste no time! Get to your post and began declaring your destiny will not be upheld by evil works or relentless oppressors! God will fight our battles as we begin to wage war and CALL HIS NAME!! We must learn to become better soldiers of war for Jesus. I know Him as a warrior – since I was born a natural warrior and worshipper for the Lord. He shows me weapons of warfare that usurp the clever devices of the enemy! We can win every war with God’s Holy Spirit counseling and advising us in the battle! There are many weapons that God uses to knock our enemy out of battle for good! We simply must fight to WIN! There is no getting around this. The battle rages with each new day approaching the end for mankind! Truly these are the last of days – we must rally together in Christ Jesus and for His Kingdom COME. So glad you visited me. What a joy it is to commune with my fellow kindred assigned to their own territory and their portion in the Kingdom’s inheritance. God has plenty to share and enough rewards to fill up the earth. We need not be concerned about the spoils of war – there is no lack with God our Father! Everyone will be truly blessed with overflowing abundance – enough to share and distribute to many that are not able to fight for themselves. We must join our forces globally and ARISE as His manifested sons (we are sons by rank and not gender!) GLORY BE TO GOD!!!

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