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Speak with the Voice of Triumph!

JESUS ~ Lord, My King and My God, Today, I set a guard over my mouth so that I will speak ONLY that which will cause Your Kingdom TO COME in every given situation. I pray that you will give me words that will edify and build up Your Kingdom Purpose in all parts of creation in these times and this season of increase. I ask that You will do this for all Kingdom Citizens wherever they are and the territories they are called to influence.

Lord Jesus, I ask that you will put the words in my mouth so that I will plant the Heavens and lay the foundations of the earth today. I ask you Lord to give me the words that will shape this day according to Your Purpose.
Lord God, I pray for the redemption of time for your people. We repent of any area where we have wasted time or misused time in the past.
Lord I pray for new beginnings for every Kingdom Citizen! Jesus, I ask that you bless every endeavor that began according to Your Purpose and Plan. I ask you to bless the beginning of the day and that the foundation of the day will reflect Your Kingdom – that there will be a display of Righteousness, Justice and Equity in the lives of Your people. You are the Shepherd and we are the sheep of Your Pasture. We shall Praise and Worship the Lord with Thanksgiving.
Lord, we pray for the humility like that of the lamb. To have a gentle spirit that will obey the Lord at every turn. Give revelation and insight as we enter the night with dreams and visions. Protect the mind and soul of all Kingdom Citizens as they rest in the night – Refresh and renew their strength like the eagles dear Lord Jesus.
Lord Jesus, by Your Holy Spirit, teach me how to gain control of each gate of the night. Lord God, place Cheribums with flaming swords to guard the gates of each watch on behalf of every faithful watchman of your Kingdom called to possess the gates.
Lord Jesus, we ask that you will give us a divine visitation so that we will walk in the Fear of the Lord at all times and with complete reverence and obedience to you above all.
Lord of All, we pray unitedly for the families, youth and leaders of the church of Christ Jesus. Preserve marriages, families and divine connections from the onslaught of evil manipulators, evil dedications and curses. Surround them with your divine shield of protection. We take the sword of the Lord and slice to pieces all weapons fashioned to bring destruction to the citizens of the Kingdom of our Living God. We pray that all men especially those of the Kingdom will find their identity in God and not in the temporary fashions of the world. Lord God, lead families to their destiny in you – teach us Your redemptive purpose and equip us with weapons of warfare to achieve victory. Lord we ask that you preserve the neighborhoods we live in for your purpose. We pray for the preservation of the nations and territories that you have given to Your people to pray and watch over. Release Your Righteous judgement on the wicked that plan any devious events or attacks during the hours of darkness.
Lord Jesus, we command the night to reveal the knowledge of the Glory of God and reject every other knowledge being exposed in our sphere of influence and territories. We speak to the earth to vomit any command from the kingdom of darkness against us, our families, our communities, our churches, and our nations!
Father God, we humbly ask that you silence the voice of witches who want to take hold of the gates of the day (Ps. 59). Lord our God, our Living Creator, we ask You Elohim to utter Your Voice and silence every other speaking from the kingdom of darkness attempting to command the day and how it shall go (Ps. 29).
Lord as a body, Your people that You have chosen for Yourself ~ we repent before the Lord for our unfaithfulness in keeping to the terms of Your COVENANT. We ask for a change of attitude towards our covenant that we entered with the Lord of Hosts. We ask for Your help and the GRACE to hold fast and to be faithful to the covenant this time around. (Is. 56:6) We pray that our lampstand will not grow dim nor be removed from its place.
Lord, we pray for the judgement of the Lord Most High upon every spirit of wickedness in the land. Let the scripture of the Lord take its place in the land by proclaiming peace & freedom of the oppressed and punishment for the wicked in high places in the land. May the idols and evil forces in the land receive their due portion. We pray that the Lord on High will cripple all the effects of the satanic prophets and priests in the land. We pray for darkness and confusion to come over them so their visions and declarations will become futile. Lord our God of War, Jehovah Gibhor ~ SPILL THE BLOOD OF JESUS in the land to release the true priests and prophets of the Lord. May their voices be heard and may their ministry impact be great with signs and wonders following.
Lord Most High, HOLY GOD of ISRAEL ~ we pray that the Lord our God will lead the true Church of Christ to subdue all spiritual and physical strongholds that have bound them (knowingly or unknowingly) to the kingdom of darkness in our nations. We pray that the foundations of HOLINESS, RIGHTEOUSNESS AND JUSTICE will replace all foundations of iniquity in every pillar of society.
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