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No Name Higher than JESUS!


1. Locate a spot and make it a place of worship and consecration.

2. Hallow it by pouring anointing oil, wine or water on it.

3. Call upon the name of the Lord and ask the three to bear record on earth and in heaven to take note that you are raising an altar to Him on that spot.

4. Name the altar e.g. an altar of consecration, an altar of remembrance, an altar of righteousness, an altar of restoration, an altar of mercy etc.

5. Mark your altar. God directed Israel to use twelve stones to raise Israel’s national altar. You have to mark your altar with something memorable.


Only a person who is spiritually alive and qualified can raise an altar. When God begins to speak to people about altars, He wants to enter into a fresh covenant with them. He wants to visit the land. He wants to bring about changes. That is why we must keep the altars of our nations alive.


When God calls on people to repair their altars He wants to redeem and empower them to carry out a major assignment for Him.

When Elijah rebuilt the altar at Mount Carmel, this singular event caused ripples in the nations. According to 1 Kings 18:39, fire came down, and fear came back to the house of God.

When altars are repaired, God judges wickedness in the Land and when the Spirit of God touches the earth a new season begins. This is what happened in the days of Elijah. 1 Kings 18:40

All the prophets of Baal were killed.


Let us pray for the grace to walk right and run our course to the end without missing the mark.

1. Ask the Lord to purge you inside and out.

Purge us from – idle words, destructive words, besetting sin and all forms of corrupting influences from our ancestors and our foundations.

2. Ask God to help you to remain focused.

3. Pray that the Holy Spirit will become your friend, your guide, your intercessor, and your teacher. John 16: 8-15; Romans 8:26-27.

4. Pray from Ezekiel 36:11 that God would grant you help speedily and ask God for the following:

* Multiplication of your resources to do the work He has called you to do.

* Increase in the fruits of your labor and the work of your hands.

* Settlement of your old estate. Remind God to bring to fulfillment the things He has promised you.

5. From Ezekiel 36:38 pray saying “Lord, settle me in the land which you have promised me and wipe away my tears.”

6. From John 15:16 pray saying “Lord, make me wise, make me a soul winner, make my fruits remain that the jewels on my crown will shine as the stars in heaven.”

7. From Isaiah 58:12 pray saying “Lord make me an agent of restoration; A restorer of the paths of righteousness to dwell in; a bridge builder to link lost and perishing souls to you.”

8. From Isaiah 62:1-7 pray “Lord make me a watchman”.

9. Pray Ephesians 1:17-23 over your life.


Abu Bako: – Establishing God’s Altar Everywhere

Emmanuel Olewa: – How to be a living Sacrifice on the

Altar to God for your nation

Mosy Madugba: – Elders at the Gates

Atim Sofiri Ogan: – Fresh Fire on the Lord’s Altar

Onyechi Daniel: – Expose and Destroy

Emmanuel Kure: – Practical Prophetic Prayer and Warfare

  1. linda Robinson says:


  2. Hi there mates, its wonderful paragraph about educationand entirely defined,
    keep it up all the time.

  3. Am a pastor from Africa and the Lord has been pressing on the word ALTAR in my heart for sometime now, and that is why checked on it in the web, and thats how I landed on this page.

    May the heavenly father bless you for being faithful with what He has entrusted to you. Am truly blessd by your teachings.

  4. Christiana akello says:

    I raise alter to God and I arent a house is a single room ehat can I do….

  5. perpetual obianusi says:

    I really thank the lord for bringing me to your website. as I was studying my bible yesterday the lord pressed it in my heart to search the word “Altar” which I did and landed on your post. I praise the lord because you gave me the answers on how to raise an altar unto the lord. I am going to raise an altar unto the lord in my heart and home for I know dat it will make my walk with God deeper. may God bless you.
    I am an African saved from an auto crash by the grace and mercy of God with three months pregnancy but sustained a spinal injury which I am believing God for my healing. I was the only person that survived the accident and in appreciation to God I started going to schools to preach Jesus Christ to the younger generations to bring into the kingdom of God and God has been faithful but I need a car dat will be taking me to the schools. the one I am using is not in good working condition and so it makes me to disappoint my appointments. I am soliciting for your candid support my sister. if the lord touches you to help me out I will appreciate it so much. thanks and remain blessed in his calling

  6. It is very challenging but powerful how do I get that book Abu bako – establishing an altar everywhere
    Immanuel kure-practise prophetic prayer and warfare

  7. amen vanessa i love this teaching of yours,and i would love to learn more,I am bornagain but still fresh and in my calling,I’m in a learning of prophetic ministeries,what I’ve learned here is very powerful and spiritually it hungers me for the word of God and to know more about my spiritual life and transformation,thanx for this blog i love it becoz i love Jesus my savior

  8. Evangelist, Chukwuemeka H. Victor. says:

    “I am Evangelist Chukwuemeka Hope Victor.
    I love this post and pary for all who wants to know God should fellow this kind of post.
    By God’s grace anyone who need spiritual guildens can still contact me on +2340830900457.
    God Bless you.

  9. George o.Bumie says:

    I want to build an altar to the Lord in the church just constructed.i need your help.thank you,God bless you

  10. Shaz says:

    Am glad I have come across this. I want to raise an alter for my family, whether the devil likes or not, he has to let go of what belongs to us. may God is good and alive. kindly advise more on raising an alter.

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