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God LOVES you! His Love has no boundaries!

God LOVES you! His Love has no boundaries!

LOVE is zealous – Lust is jealous

LOVE is gentle – Lust is forceful

LOVE gives – Lust takes

LOVE sustains – Lust kills

LOVE is support & agreement – Lust is opposition and resistance

LOVE  nourishes – Lust starves

LOVE is enduring – Lust is momentary

LOVE requests – Lust demands

LOVE is careful, prudent, guarded & on alert – Lust is reckless, thoughtless & out of control

LOVE is comfort, tranquility, peace & security – Lust is hardship, difficulty, misery & suffering

LOVE preserves, save & uphold – Lust destroys, damage & breaks

LOVE advances, elevate, endorse, & encourage – Lust prevents, frustrate, stifle & withholds

LOVE is life – Lust is death

LOVE bears up – Lust tears down

LOVE is spiritual – Lust is carnal

LOVE is joyful – Lust is painful

LOVE  is discreet, wisdom & gospel truth – Lust is gossip, scandalizer, & meddler of affairs

LOVE is righteous – Lust is sin

LOVE is satisfied, grateful, & content, at peace in mind – Lust is greed, it covets, is selfish & never satisfied

LOVE validates, confirms – Lust makes excuses

LOVE holds – Lust grips

LOVE abides, adheres, & is always there  – Lust abandons & forsakes

LOVE is gentle & tender – Lust is brute & violent

LOVE is authentic, genuine & real – Lust is false, fake & thrives on pretense

LOVE succeeds – Lust fails

LOVE covers – Lust strips

LOVE fills – Lust empties

LOVE adds – Lust removes

LOVE lifts – Lust casts down

LOVE is kind – Lust is rude

LOVE builds – Lust tears down

LOVE restores – Lust neglects

LOVE mends – Lust breaks

LOVE is trust, honesty, upright, & sincere – Lust is untrustworthy, counterfeit, misleading & fraudulent

LOVE yields positive fruit, harvest rain, Joy unspeakable  – Lust produces negative circumstances, rotten fruit, & enduring toxic cycles

LOVE is resolute, firm, unshakeable, & steadfast – Lust is wavering, uncommitted, changeable, & always uncertain

LOVE stands the test of time – Lust crumbles under pressure

LOVE values, appreciates, & cherishes – Lust demeans, reduce, degrades, & spoil

LOVE  joins together  & connect – Lust separates & divides

LOVE is devotion, dedication, & perseverance  – Lust is desertion, rejection, disregard & negligence

LOVE releases – Lust holds back

LOVE is protective, safe, shielded from harm – Lust exposes danger, overlooks, is risky & insecure

LOVE is wholesome, beneficial, & healthy – Lust is unfit, weak, detrimental, & damaging

LOVE is contrite, regretful, remorseful – Lust is unrepentant, unashamed & defiant

LOVE is mature, established, & proven – Lust is random, erratic, undecided, unpredictable, impulsive, & unstable

LOVE highly regards, esteems & respects – Lust disrespects, disregards, disdain, & holds in contempt

LOVE fulfills, follows through, performs, achieves, & makes good – Lust fails, lacks, is inadequate, not up to par, & is deficient

LOVE is truth at all times – Lust is consumed with lies

LOVE celebrates – Lust humiliates

LOVE considers – Lust is insensitive

LOVE is well-balanced, impartial & harmonious – Lust is egotistical, prideful, & prejudice

LOVE brings honor – Lust brings shame

LOVE is humble & considerate – Lust is pride & self absorbed

LOVE is Godliness & Holiness – Lust is sinfulness, wickedness & iniquity

LOVE is merciful, compassionate, kindhearted  – Lust is callous, cold, hard, unsympathetic, insensitive, unfeeling

LOVE is attachment, intimacy, emotionally involved, supporting, fixed, joined together – Lust is detached, removed, separated, uninvolved, distant, unconnected & impersonal

LOVE is right, just & principled – Lust is wicked, corrupt, & unethical

Love heals, pleases, is composed, correct, loyal, faithful & continual – Lust wounds, hurts, offends, is inappropriate, tasteless, unbecoming & unacceptable

GOD IS LOVE – Satan is Lust

May we spend time with God’s Presence and be filled with His life-giving sustaining overflowing AGAPE LOVE! Nothing on earth compares to the Love of God. It is Heaven on earth Beloved!

Vanessa Ann

  1. ministerkim says:

    Amen dear sister- I may just have tp print that pit and pass along. Love you dear be blessed. hoping you have a joyful holdiday season.

  2. ministerkim says:

    typing too fast- a lot of errors but you know what I mean

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