Beloved, you will endure the storm! You will come out! The raging winds and exhaustive power of it is not going to last always. I encourage you to keep your faith in tact. The storm is sent to try your Faith – to see if you will bend, bow to the fear, trying to kill your attempt to walk out your purpose! YES Beloved, you did hear from the Lord – His plan is great for your life. He knows that you will weather the storm and come forth with more clarity, able to yield to His gentle leading once more. Doubt wants to root itself in your mind – don’t give it place. Refuse all the devices of the evil one who sees your destiny ahead! If you reign, he will fall – he is putting up a fight!

Climb on the breast of God! He is with you – He will never leave you. He is ever present in the trouble that is sent against you. Almighty God knows what you are made of – this storm proves your strength is stronger than the greatness of it’s thunder! Beloved, look up – your help draws nigh to you! Stay positioned in His Presence – God is your anchor. He will not let you drift away from His safety. The howling of the storm only means that the enemy’s desperate pursuit to stop you has not given him any sign that you are retreating! He will resort to more crafty drama as time moves in your FAVOR. Let him. SATAN IS NOT IN CONTROL. He moves by smoke and mirrors. He wants you to assume he has more power than you. Beloved treasure of God, you have been given all power to move through life’s moments of distractions, fiery trials, set-backs in the natural (but set ups in the spirit realm) as Jesus did – with TOTAL VICTORY!

Let Faith speak in your trial! PRAISE GOD WITH VIOLENT PRAISE – your enemies will be beaten mercilessly – without help! Speak the infallible Word! Look the storm in the face and refuse to give it any power over you! Take control of the spirit realm and speak like your Father, our creator! The storm will cease, it will obey your breaker-anointing words! See in the spirit – know your divine being was made to get through this and more!

I celebrate with you – your masterful conquest will resound in the heavens!

Vanessa Anne Gray

Kingdom Ambassador

  1. Paul says:

    Fantastic. motivating and prophetic..the Lord bless you my sister. It’s a blessing to visit your site and read yort work.

    I too am on abcpreachers.ning

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