“THUNDER OF PRAISE” heard in the Heavens!

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God is making your star shine!

Waking up with a cheering croud’s voice – hearing the echo of a resounding Victory filled my spirit! I thought, what is this? I knew that this sound was not of an earthly realm – but another dimension was being revealed to me.

I heard the Voice of the Spirit of God say,” like a chess piece, God is making His last move for the ultimate WIN.” I sensed the Lord God Almighty had out-strategized, out-played, out-smart the plans of the enemy. THE ART OF WAR – was being played by the Master of WAR! God Himself is making the end an undeniable, ultimate grand slam on my enemy! He saved His best play for the win as His last great move for me!

I am realizing that all those “dark times” in my life were a part of God’s divine strategy all along. I was not failing but was being built up for this ultimate moment (my end determined from the beginning). My generational disadvantages were now my reasons for defeating the enemy as he could not have possibly considered this day! What he thought would be my downfall, was a holding place as God was strengthening me for the cause of His Kingdom – I was being developed for a later more greater display of His Grace and Faithfulness! Winning in the face of my oppressors was now before me! My failures were already pre-calculated in this glorious outcome (where shame once took the platform). GOD WAS WITH ME ALL ALONG – HE WAS NEVER WITHOUT A PLAN FOR MY SUCCESS – we are partners in my life successes! I wear His Banner of LOVE and Victory – He has my name carved in His Hand – We are united for the same cause! THE SOUND OF VICTORY has reached all of Heaven – who witnessed these divine series of events – even they could not see the miraculous end – ALL HAIL (acclaim, praise, applaud, extol, hymn, sing the praises of, make much of, glorify, cheer, salute) to the great wonder of our God!

The SOUND of Victory was more than can be imagined in the natural – SUPERNATURAL VICTORIES are eternally celebrated! A perpetual reminder of God’s Goodness, Faithfulness, His eagerness to make His Beloved successful! HIS STRATEGIES CANNOT BE OVERCOME! With God, our life story is about the WIN! Glory in the Highest to the one who is High and Lifted Up – The Great I AM!

I can still hear the  beautiful SOUND of Victory being released in the Heavens, pulsating the clouds and trembling the earth (quaking at the mere sound of it!). The LOUD exclamation of His imperial Wisdom – no one could possibly see what was about to unfold – HE ALONE knew the ending would be this way – an astounding defeat for all the ages to ponder forever!

GREAT IS OUR GOD WHO CANNOT LOSE A CHALLENGE – even if I am elected to be a participant – in this GAME OF LIFE. My mortal experience on display and my weaknesses considered to be a fault and every disadvantage was a prime target for the enemy to use at his disposal. With every tearful desire to help GOD – He never required this of me – ONLY that I trust His ability to WIN in spite of what I see and what the enemy concentrated on – these distractions (weights and measures) were a part of the sovereign plan of God – to fully disclose all of my lack, disadvantages, and faults – I was NEVER in an unfavorable position with God. He counted me righteous – because His ONLY Begotten Son, JESUS,  was my defense at all times! I was – like my enemy – focusing on the weaknesses and not my strengths! According to God, I had all the necessary attributes to WIN! He, the arranger of my destiny – saw no other way – a divine Master Plan, a grand design, a foreknowing game plan, always having a plan (of action), my steps were ordered, a program of divine militant tactics that was always a step above the enemy (even when things looked to be in his favor). “The end shall speak for you,” He whispered softly. I sat in mere expectation of a GOOD REPORT – I BELIEVED HIM – after giving up on myself, He took the baton of AUTHORITY and began to marshall His Way to the expected end – every move was intentionally successful! HIS REPUTATION WAS SURE! HE WAS THE ONLY REIGNING CHAMPION! I totally relied on His Divine Skill and Divine Knowledge to take over – HIS WISDOM of knowing exactly how to defeat the long time enemy of my life’s story.

I have no affects of those dark days – they are behind me now. I am NEW in the WIN! God had a two-fold purpose! His undying LOVE and focus for my triumphant success has prepared me for this kingly day. I AM IN CONCERT with the noise in Heaven – a great celebration of the marvelous and mysterious ways of our God!

NOW, GOD IS WRITING THE ENDING of the pages of my life’s journal. He made me to be a STAR in the Heaven’s! Oh, how His Glory Light is beaming through me for others to see! The greater the darkness – the greater the brilliance of MY STAR! HE IS THE LIGHT in every soul that honors His Name and breathes the Name of His Son JESUS as their Saviour! His Good Spirit is their trusted guide! PERPETUAL PRAISE to our God!!!!! Selah!

Vanessa Anne

  1. Pastor Wales says:

    Yes HE is GOD! The victorious ONE that grant us victory!
    Bless you woman of God! Awesome! Keep up the great and the good job!!! Hallelujah!!!

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