September 20, 2009


The Spirit Of The Lord Says:   There are eagles that are about to soar in great flight.  They have streamlined their lives and allowed Me, their Lord to shave away the weights that have kept them grounded in the past.  Weaning them from all that they thought was their source and their necessity.  They have truly discovered I Am their one and only source.  Watch the eagles, climb higher into My presence.  They will not settle for the commonplace.  Every step of faith has brought them closer to the clouds of My glory.  The eagles will experience the great torrential rains that I have promised in My Word.  The rains are coming to refresh and blow away all that is stagnant, clearing away all that obscured their vision.

My eagles will create a refreshing wind, for they will carry My anointing and drip it on all who have been waiting for more of Me.  This will increase the desire for all the eaglets in My Kingdom to produce a fresh wind of glory in their environment.  All of My children will desire to grow up and take their place in the army of their God.  Holiness and maturity will be their aim and their goal.  All of those who love Me will seek me again as they did at first.  This fresh wind will start fires, fires will begin to glow.  The wind and the fires will cause a dynamic outburst of the Spirit.  New levels of My Spirit producing new levels of My glory.  My people will now walk in sustained levels of power and authority.  This will be the greatest times ever known to My people.  Healings that will encompass, spirit, soul and body will be seen as evidence of My favor.  My eagles will be at the forefront of this great time of My manifested glory and healings, yet humility will fan the flame for greater manifestations.

Those who have developed their wings have done so through great seasons of endurance.  I know the many times that they have laid down their own desires to see that Mines would be done.  Such an awakening of my eagles will cause My watchmen to become more alert. Their times of intercession will be fanned by the fires of purpose and their eyes will see with great distinction.  My shepherds will be quickened by the rushing of the wind of my eagles.  The meals that they feed my people will be served with truth and in power.  They will be revived by the same wind, feeding my people with fresh manna.

My people will go throughout their territory bringing restoration to their land.  Rebuilding all that has laid in ruins because of the devastation of the past generations and of the present troubling to their lands.  They will not be distracted any longer by the lies of the enemy.  They will work diligently on one hand while warring for the Kingdom with the other.  This wind of the Spirit will cause supernatural waves of energy, they will never grow weary as they march right on to the new level.  All that they have gone through has been preparation for this time.  The set time for My eagles has come!   My favor will be your great reward.

So I say to you, stir yourself up once again to loving Me.  Revive the fires of your prayer life, ignite your quiet times in My Word, where you learned to hear My voice.  Speak life to your times of worship, and you will be transported into My Presence.  Refuse to stop running, and you will see that you be like a watered garden and an ever-flowing spring.  You will be raised up on high to soar once again as a renewed eagle!

Scripture References: Neh.4 & 6; Is. 40:3; Is. 58:11-12: Ps. 103:5

  1. ministerkim says:

    Sis this is beautiful. We truly are cut from the same cloth. We will win this war raging in the earth. Or do our part to combat it. truly there is a need for warfare like never before. Children are running rampant, husbands leaving and abusing wives, women and men becoming lover of themselves. There is definitely something in the atmosphere that we have to be careful of. Col 2:21 tell is DON’T TOUCH DON’T TASTE DON’T HANDLE. Going to pray about that some more before it hits my blog. I Love you. When the Lord sayss……. we shall speak again. In the meantime Keep Christine in your prayers. She is no longer at my home, I wish her well. As I told her fathers family. ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME.

  2. Latonya Tatum says:

    Thank you for all the posts. They are very informative and needed in this hour. I want to learn more.

  3. Thanks so much Latonya 🙂 It’s wonderful to meet you this way. I will post more when I am relaxed from my business travels. KEEP REACHING HIGHER, GOD NEVER DISAPPOINTS ~

  4. bavakure gelvazio says:

    so great here

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