Destiny Dream – “RUNNING THE RACE”

Posted: June 27, 2010 in DESTINY DREAMS

Anointed Marketplace Kings are being positioned!

I was in a race with many of my competitors seeking to cripple my ability to finish/and or obstruct my win by sabotaging my belongings. I thought these carefully prepared items were not only viable to my WIN but extremely necessary to progress effectively.  Amazingly, without much effort and without my prepared gear I advanced through the 1st and 2nd leg of the race! I was dressed very humble (no shoes or socks). I saw high hills and large mountains (with a midst) as part of the terrain. At the beginning of the 3rd and final race, many of the haters – one by one – started to return my things. I saw a person who reminded me of my  brother-in-law (representing envy, jealousy, desires me to fall) who was the ring leader of this effort to stop my success – he also brought me the bulk of my missing gear! He humbly returned my shoes, socks, and main duffle bag (with all of my gadgets/my radically expensive utensils!) I proceeded to the corner (they all had lockers and appropriate dressing quarters) to put on my knee pads, fancy socks and tennis, arm pads, loaded up all my gadgets, tied back my hair (as they all watched me with precision put on my uniquely styled garments). Now, that I was properly suited for the task at hand,  I felt confident that nothing would interfere with my winning this GRAND contest. I walked away with a smile. In kindness, I humbly thanked each person for returning my things – never mentioning their wrong or their desire to hurt me -I shook their hand to make sure there were no hard feelings – with a “may the best man win” attitude. I charged ahead in the race with exceeding power and grace towards the finish line! I won the race by miles! The competition was not to be found in my viewpoint – the VICTORY WAS A LANDSLIDE! I didn’t need the tools I had so conscientiously prepared – the VICTORY (by grace) was a true sweet success in every way – this set a precedent in my new beginning life. I KNEW THAT GOD HAD GIVEN ME THIS WIN LONG BEFORE I ENTERED THE CONTEST. My focus was relentless and my vision was sure – the prize was my ultimate goal – I NOW HAVE ATTAINED WHAT I WANTED AND IT WAS REAL – the experience was electrifying! ALL was well with me on all points in the race – FAVOR was my constant companion. Although I was relieved after the race – that I had crossed this amazing threshold – I realized, I was NEVER without expectation of this WIN! I was sure of it!

  1. This was one of the best stories I have ever heard I am so proud of you Venessa it is so inspiring may the good Lord continue to bless us everyday so that we can win every race that we must run in any and all ares of our lives I love you my dear sister in Christ

  2. Henry says:

    Awesome vision Vanessa; awesome! The victory is yours! Stay the course; the race is already won!

  3. Sabrina says:

    Awesome! Restoration, Favor and Victory! That’s the will of God for sure! 🙂

  4. Melody A. Gray says:

    Good food Vanessa. Thank you for letting the Lord use you.

  5. Powerful!
    we need more stories that have practical application. to know scripture is a must but to apply it is wisdom.
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom in a way that helps the body as a whole.
    Your gift has no choice but to bring you before great people.

  6. Paul says:

    I enjoy your positive, inspirational ministry. It takes about 2 years of constant blogging to be recognised as an authority in your field and get your ministry on the internet front. Your ministry has awesome potential as a prophetic voice and your season of significance is coming your way. I say this to encourage you with your amazing gift. The Lord bless you

  7. sunitharao says:

    It is fabulous

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